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Cooking meat over an open flame has been going on since the dawn of civilization. Starting from a coal-filled pit with a stake to turn the meat over, charcoal barbequeing still continues to develop as a modern way of cooking. Although not originated in America charcoal barbeque has become the ultimate American tradition. To a barbeque lover, there is no better way to cook than over a grill filled up with live charcoal! Charcoal is the only solid fuel capable of reaching temperatures to sear meat, which makes it the best fuel for cooking.
Our Charcoal Grills Include Weber, The infamous Big Green Egg, and many more!!

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Do you like making your own sliders?
Our Charcoal Companion Deluxe Mini-Burger Set contains a mini-burger basket, triple patty press, mini-bun cutter. Quickly press three mini-burgers–same size every time - with the triple patty press. Check out our Deluxe Mini Burger Basket.

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Check out our Barbeque Parts Section. We carry a large selection of parts for Broil Master & Weber!

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