We can guarantee you, you've never seen anything like it!

This rotisserie grill has been designed and built with one goal in mind: to make pig roasting as simple as flipping a hamburger and as enjoyable as playing with a remote controlled toy! Until now, pig roasting was out of reach for the everyday BBQ lovers. Not anymore!
Bradley Smokers

- Uni-Q Rotisserie Grill is the Vesta Award Winner of the HPBA (Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association)   Show, Reno Nevada, 2009.
- Highly entertaining, Portable and Fully Automated Rotisserie Grill with Remote Wireless   Thermometer.
- Roast a Pig, Lamb, Turkey, Game or Gyros like a Pro anywhere anytime with little or no experience.
- Collapsible frame makes it fit in any car trunk when in collapsed position, for easy portability!
- Can run off 12V car battery for perfect tailgating everytime!

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